RFV is a privately owned strategic consulting company.

RFV provides R&D, System Engineering, Program Management, Marketing and Business Development services to companies worldwide.

RFV experts hold years of experience in research and development in critical areas for both defense and civil systems (electro optics for example).

RFV leaders possess deep and profound understanding of various defense markets around the globe. This most valuable knowledge base is used to support and enhance marketing and business development of our worldwide customers.

The company is active in four business lines:

  • Technical and Technological consulting. Using our knowledge and experience to support our customers in resolving critical issues.
  • R&D for the defense industry. Providing system engineering and program management services to our customers.
  • Civic R&D and programs. Internal programs for the vehicle industry and parking mechanisms.
  • The “Reach Australia” program. RFV partnered with a well-established Australian company to market, sell and life support selected European-made products in Australia and the region. Thus making this market accessible for European companies that could not afford to reach this area. Product selection is a continuous effort of RFV.

RFV was founded by Ram Fabian. Biography is available here.